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Aeon Trespass: Odyssey is fantastic. And with the upcoming Aeon Trespass: Twelve Sins of Herakles just around the corner (if that corner happens to be about two years long), it looks like this is a Greek post-apocalyptic universe that’s here to stay. But the stand-alone-game-but-also-at-least-partly-an-expansion that is Aeon Trespass: Twelve Sins of Herakles (often shortened to AT:TSoH… I can see why) also means that we now have quite a lot of different products in the Aeon Trespass world, and it can be hard to keep track of it all.

This article will give you a quick overview and description of everything that Into the Unknown has made for Aeon Trespass. In other words, welcome to Aeon Trespass: Everything!

Last updated: June 11, 2023

Quick overview

  • Games
    • Aeon Trespass: Odyssey
      • Umbral Cycles (core)
      • Illuminated Cycles (expansion)
      • Onwards Odyssey (mini-expansion)
      • Skyward Odyssey (mini-expansion)
    • Aeon Trespass: Twelve Sins of Herakles
      • Summer (core)
      • Autumn (expansion)
      • Winter (expansion)
      • Spring (expansion)
  • Gameplay add-ons
    • Titans
      • Skyseer
      • Fatesinger
      • Pathfinder
      • Oldtimer
      • Fortuneteller
    • Nemeses
      • Doom of Pythagora’s
      • Prime Nietzschean
      • Lelegean Justice
      • Ganymede of Acroyears
    • Miniatures
      • Last Stand of the Gegenees
  • Cosmetic add-ons
    • Godforms Miniature Pack
    • Nymphs Miniature Pack
    • Battle Mat(s)
    • Dice Pack(s)
    • Luxury Tiles
    • The Last Tome


There are (currently) two different games in the Aeon Trespass universe – Odyssey and Twelve Sins of Herakles. Both of those games consist of multiple boxes each with multiple campaigns.

Aeon Trespass: Odyssey

The original game from a 2019 Kickstarter campaign. Aeon Trespass: Odyssey is divided up into different Cycles, meaning different playable campaigns. There are five Cycles (and two mini-Cycles) that together form a grand adventure with hundreds of hours of content. These are split into the Umbral Cycles, the Illuminated Cycles, the Onwards Odyssey, and the Skyward Odyssey.

Umbral Cycles

This is the core box, known for its entirely white exterior that people either love or hate. It consists of three Cycles, those being Truth of the Labyrinth (Cycle I), Abysswatchers (Cycle II), and Pitiless of the Sun (Cycle III). These three Cycles promise a combined playtime of 300+ hours of unique gameplay content.

Illuminated Cycles

The still-yet-to-be-shipped expansion for Aeon Trespass: Odyssey that adds two Cycles following on from the end of Cycle III, thus finishing the story. The two Cycles are Gardens of Infinite Growth (Cycle IV) and Truthsayer (Cycle V) with a combined playtime of 250+ hours.

Onwards Odyssey

These are two mini-Cycles that takes place between Cycle I and Cycle II, and Cycle II and Cycle III. They were originally sold as PDFs and will also be shipped physically at the same time as the Illuminated Cycles. They consist of Broken Patterns (Cycle I.5) and Broken Chains (Cycle II.5).

Skyward Odyssey

This is very much like Onwards Odyssey, just more… It works as a conclusion to Cycle III, Cycle IV, and Cycle V. Yes, contrary to Onwards Odyssey, it will not just work as glue between the campaigns, but also as a sort of epilogue to the entire AT:O campaign.

Aeon Trespass: Twelve Sins of Herakles

This is the upcoming stand-alone game/expansion that is split up into four boxes (known as Seasons) that can be played separately or combined. The four boxes are Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring, each offering 150+ hours of content. Summer is the core box of AT:TSoH with the other three boxes being expansions that require Summer to play.

Gameplay add-ons

Overall, there are three different types of add-ons for Aeon Trespass: Odyssey and/or Aeon Trespass: Twelve Sins of Herakles, those being Titan, Nemesis, and Miniature expansions.


Each Titan expansion introduces one new Titan that can be integrated into your campaign of both AT:O and AT:TSoH. Along with the obvious, a Titan miniature and sheet, each expansion also includes new gear, stories, and various other specific components.

Two Titan expansions were offered as add-ons during the original AT:O Kickstarter campaign, those being Gamechanger and Skyseer. Both ended up being included for free in the core box and now it seems like Gamechanger is a standard Titan in every core box, whereas Skyseer (a crossover Titan with Middara (another epic adventure board game)) remains a paid add-on.

The new campaign saw the introduction of four new Titan expansions, those being Fatesinger, Pathfinder, Oldtimer, and Fortuneteller. This last one won in a vote against Talespinner, another Titan expansion that would have been developed if it won the vote.


A Nemesis expansion is a way to increase the modularity and variability by introducing new Primordial monsters to fight against. Although this is a new concept that was introduced in this newest campaign, it is compatible with both games. So far four Nemesis expansions have been announced, those being Doom of Pythagora’s, Prime Nietzschean, Lelegean Justice, and Ganymede of Acroyears

In addition to these, three Nemesis expansions have been teased, although their development isn’t currently guaranteed. Two of them, Time’s Woe and Last Endjinn, were banned from further development due to a vote between those two and Ganymede of Acroyears in which (spoiler alert (not really)) Ganymede of Acroyears won. The third one, Diomedes, The Giant King, is a stretch goal that is unlocked (and included for free with every game pledge) if the campaign reaches 10,000 game pledge backers before the end of the campaign.


The last gameplay add-on is the Last Stand of the Gegenees. Not a lot is known about this add-on which is also a part of the current campaign (offered for free as an Early Bird Special to those who backed the campaign in the first day). It doesn’t seem to be a Titan, seeing as it doesn’t include a Titan Sheet, so it’ll be interesting to see if it’s going to turn out to be a friend or foe.

Cosmetic Add-ons

The following items don’t have any added gameplay content but are cosmetic upgrades and quality of life improvements for the game(s).

Godforms Miniature Pack

If you really love miniatures, you can get this pack that gives you separate miniatures for all the different Godforms in AT:O. In order to avoid spoilers, I won’t go too much into detail with this, but suffice it to say that there are multiple different Godforms in AT:O that all use the same mini in the core box. This add-on would allow you to get separate miniatures to increase immersion.

The pack also includes dividers for AT:O as well as some collector’s cards and other surprises (those surprises remain to be seen).

Eidolon Miniature Pack

This is very much AT:TSoH’s version of the Godforms Miniature Pack. 8+ miniatures for the Eidolon Awakenings along with Collector’s cards and other surprises.

Nymphs Miniature Pack

Originally a set of resin display miniatures, the Nymphs are being re-released using the same plastic as all the other miniatures and resized to the same size as the Titans and like the Godforms Miniature Pack, it will also include some collector’s cards and other surprises.

Battle Mat(s)

Both AT:O and AT:TSoH come with their own cardboard battle maps for all the battles in the game, but if you prefer to play on a neoprene mat then this upgrade will allow you to do just that. Two neoprene Battle Mats are available, the one from Odyssey (a brown mat with classic Greek art on it) and the one from Twelve Sins of Herakles (a red/white one with an illustration of a tree).

Note that either Battle Mat can be used with either game as the squares are the same.

Dice Pack(s)

Very simple: Extra dice are extra nice.

Although, I will say that the current game rules specify what happens when you run out of dice, and even if you do have extra dice from this Dice Pack, you still have to keep track of when you would’ve run out. In other words, you don’t actually get to use the extra dice if playing solo. But if you’re playing with other people, it can be nice for each person to have their own dice in front of them to minimize the time spent looking for the correct die.

Note that the two games use different dice.

Luxury Tiles

Aeon Trespass: Odyssey comes with map tiles that you use to slowly assemble a visual map of your surroundings. These map tiles are basically square cards, but with this upgrade you can turn them into thick cardboard tiles that will take up more storage space but also provide a more stable map, since the cards do tend to want to shuffle around a bit.

The Last Tome

This is a binder and tuck box for AT:O that will have spaces for all your Technology cards and generally just as a way to keep your cards organized during play. The tuck box will have spaces for other components, such as tokens. It will apparently also have some app integration, although exactly what this means remains to be seen.

Aaaaaaaaand that was all. Phew, that’s quite a lot of things. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any Obol dice (so far), but if anything changes I’ll make sure to update this article.

Please let me know if I missed any products or details and I’ll do my best to update it.

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