Helpful Resources for Wingspan

There are two types of people in the world, those who love birds and those who don’t. Wingspan has somehow managed to snuggle its way into the hearts of both groups. With its immense popularity, Wingspan has earned a well-deserved reputation as a solid and enjoyable game, and that’s for good reason. It’s really just a really solid and enjoyable game!

But, but, but… if you want to elevate your copy of Wingspan, the passionate community at BoardGameGeek has got you covered. BoardGameGeek serves as a hub for board game enthusiasts with a lot (and I mean a lot) of user-created files designed to enhance gameplay, provide organization, and resolve any ambiguities when it comes to your favorite board games, and Wingspan is certainly no exception.

I want to draw attention to two different files that I consider to be somewhat essential for any avid player of Wingspan. Just like how a benevolent time entity would treat a young child anxiously waiting to grow taller to meet the minimum requirements for going on a thrilling roller coaster ride, these two files will definitely take your Wingspan experience to new heights!

  1. Official Rulings: This document by TawnyFrogmouth is perfect to have either printed out or on standby ready to look through. It includes a list of official rulings on some of the more obscure rules interactions in the game as well as references in the end to the individual BGG threads if you want to join in on the discussion of a certain ruling. It’s not something you’ll use all the time, but when you run into those moments of doubt, it’s a nice reference to have.
  2. Game Guide: This, on the other hand, definitely needs to be printed out. ScaperDad has made a beautiful two-page reference sheet that would be perfect for printing on both sides of a piece of paper. One side has a breakdown of the card anatomy as well as descriptions of common symbols in the game and a quick overview of possible actions.. On the other side is a more in-depth walkthrough of the different actions as well as end of round actions and scoring. This would be a great guide to give to new players to aid them through their first game.

And like the utterance of a staff member showing that same young child why they’re not allowed to ride a roller coaster: That’s all! (get it? as in… because it sounds like “That tall”… as in… the kid is being shown how tall they have to be before they are allowed to ride the roller coaster… heh.)

Do you know of any helpful files that I missed out on? Let me know!

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