Sleeping Gods – A Quick and Easy Storage Solution Guide

So, you’ve just unboxed Sleeping Gods and punched all the cardboard, and now you’re wondering how to store it all in a convenient way. Well, look no further, because this guide will show you exactly how to do that!

This is a storage guide for those of you who don’t want to have to buy expensive inserts and instead want to use nothing but the plastic bags and boxes that already came with the game.

I have taken pictures of all the plastic bags and their contents, but generally, you don’t need to worry too much about getting the exact same bag for everything as long as you just try to keep the amount of air in the bags to a minimum.

One of the things to note with Sleeping Gods is the fact that you will use most of the components every time you play. This is obviously a good thing (more mileage for your money), but it also means that there’s no way to sort the game based on frequency of use – you’ll be putting it all on the table.

Instead, this guide focuses on simply getting the components to fit in the boxes.

Storage Box 1

This box will also hold the Port Token which will just be placed in the box without a bag.

Crew Board and Synergy Token. It seems like the obvious choice to keep all the cardboard Crew Boards in the box without a plastic bag. However, I’ve decided to give every crew member their own bag from the beginning. As the campaign goes on, your characters will acquire more items and these will be stored in these bags.

Enemy Cards.

Ship Mini, Ship Action Figure, Starting Equipment Cards and Captain Token. These are some of the components that you will be handling often when playing Sleeping Gods.

Once the campaign begins, the Starting Equipment Cards will leave this bag and stay in the Campaign Box instead. This bag is just for keeping those cards ready.

Command Tokens.

Five-Damage Tokens, Damage Tokens and Combat Action Tokens. This bag is going to be your battle-bag. You will need it every time a battle occurs.

You could also fit the Synergy Tokens from earlier in this bag if you want to keep everything related to battle separate from the other things, but I’ve found it easier to just hand these out from the very beginning.

Fatigue Tokens. This is one of the only bags where a larger bag than necessary will have to do, since there are no more smaller bags.

Status Tokens. You could sort these tokens by type into different, smaller bags if you wanted to, however like with the Fatigue Tokens, the game doesn’t come with enough small bags for that.

Ship Damage Cubes.

Storage Box 2

This box is bulging a tiny bit, but I don’t know if there’s really anything to be done about that. Some of the bags are just a bit too wide.

Cardboard Coins and Resource Tokens. If you have the Kickstarter version of Sleeping Gods, the Cardboard Coins won’t be necessary, but if you’re like me and physically can’t throw it away, then you can store it in this bag with the Resource Tokens.

The Metal Coins will be kept in a separate bag.

Metal Coins. I decided to keep the Metal Coins separate from the Resource Tokens even though they kind of belong together. I am slightly worried that the metal will scrape the cardboard and dent it.

Search Tokens. This is one of the bags that I would maybe recommend upgrading to an opaque bag (such as a linen bag), because you will have to draw these at random. The rules tell you to shuffle them into a pile, however it just feels more thematic to go digging around in an actual bag.

Dungeon Camp Cards, Dungeon Item Tokens, Lantern Token and Key Tokens. This bag is for all things Dungeons Expansion. By keeping all the components from the Dungeons Expansion in the same bag, you will only ever need to take it out of the box when you decide to enter one of the dungeons.

Market Cards.

Ability Cards.

Level Cards.

Dinosaur Egg Token, Sea Serpent Token, Diving Suit Token, Pollen Potion Token and the Explore Tokens. This is for all the miscellaneous tokens that you won’t need to get out before the game tells you to.

Magnetic Card Box

Quest Cards, Adventure Cards and Event Cards. As is, the cards are a bit tight and therefore difficult to get out, but already at the beginning of the campaign, you’ll remove a lot of the Event Cards which will allow the other cards to go in and out with more ease.

Putting it all together

The placement of the boxes is the exact same as the diagram on the first page of the rulebook and all the remaining cardboard and paper go on top. Note that the Campaign Box is empty until the campaign starts.

I hope this guide helped you pack everything away neatly, and that you’re ready to go explore the Wandering Sea!

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments.

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  1. Thank you for this! I was scratching my head trying to figure out how to organize things for set-up simplicity and it was really whelming.

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