This Month I Played: Sleeping Gods, Spirit Island, Gloomhaven and more… – September 2021

Hold on to your hats, cats, and bats, because it’s time for yet another monthly update!

My City6
Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition4
Sleeping Gods2
Spirit Island1

My City

My girlfriend and I started playing My City this month. So far, we’ve played the first two chapters of three episodes each. And I am liking every minute of it. Or, rather, I am frustrated every minute of it. But in a fun way. This is definitely a game that isn’t afraid to tell you that you screwed up. You can see your mistakes almost from the minute you place a tile. But along the same vein, you are also rewarded heavily when you have done good.

It’s nice.

Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition

I got this game from Kickstarter this month and have played it a few times now. It’s an interesting game. I can see how it could be called Terraforming Mars Lite, but also, it still definitely has weighty decisions. The box says 60 minutes, but as a two player game that isn’t quite true. At least not yet. And in fact, also not as a four player game. It has taken well over two hours every time I’ve played it, but I suspect that time will gradually shrink as we get better at the game.

I can’t wait to play it more, as well as replaying its big sibling, Terraforming Mars, a bit more to see how they compare!

Sleeping Gods

I am currently in the midst of my second campaign of Sleeping Gods as previously stated (TMIP – August 2021) – this time as five players with the other four keeping track of the characters and I am solely in charge of reading from the Story Book as well as handing out Adventure and Quest Cards. I am also in charge of music which is quite fun.

There are a few noticable things that happened in these last two plays (slight spoilers ahead):

  • We were defeated by a bunch of insects that we weren’t prepared for.
  • We were defeated by a giant tree that we weren’t prepared for.
  • We decided to steal a magical seed from a village that might have needed it.

So yeah, two defeats in one session definitely didn’t feel too good, especially considering that I wasn’t defeated even once in my previous campaign. That also means that our next play session is probably going to be the last for this campaign, and I can’t wait to see how it ends!

Spirit Island

For those of you that don’t know: Spirit Island is my favorite board game and every time I get to play it, it’s a delight and I just want to play it again. It was a five player game where I was playing with Finder of Paths Unseen for the first time andddd…. we won!

I reeeeeally like the epicness of five or six player games where you never get to see the struggles that are occurring on the other side of the island. It seriously helps to give the game a feeling of being something bigger than you. And if that isn’t the goal of a co-op game, I don’t know what is.


Two of my friends are currently playing a campaign of Gloomhaven that I sometimes (when the stars align) get to join for a single session. And that happened this month. We played a scenario (I forget which one) as four players and already two rounds into the scenario, we thought we were doomed. We had taken a lot of damage and I had decided to go open the door to the next room, allowing even more monsters to spawn. But we decided to soldier on, and in the end we somehow managed to beat the scenario.

Every time I get to join in on Gloomhaven, I simply get even more excited for Frosthaven. I seriously can’t wait for that game to arrive sometime next year.


(Check out my review of Cascadia here!)

I somehow only played this game once this month. And lost. It’s still a very good game. I think for next month, I am going to start trying out some of the scenarios for Cascadia. Although, saying that… My City is currently taking up a bit of my time, so maybe I’ll return to Cascadia, once I’m done with My City.

That’s it

And that was all the games I played.

Actually, that’s not entirely true. I also bought Gloomhaven Digital and have been playing that quite a bit in preparation for the upcoming release of the campaign. I don’t know if I should count those plays, as well.

Do you think digital implementations of board games should be logged alongside board games?

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